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  • A comparison of intraoperative pain measurement with the PMD 200 in fentanyl-based and low opioid anaesthesia: a prospective monocenter pilot study

    Schwab, P., Steiner, L., Bandschapp, O.
    SGAR, Switzerland, October 2020, Swiss Medical Weekly 2020;150 (Suppl. 246)

  • Reduced Postoperative Pain In Patients Receiving Opioid-dosing Based On An Artificial Intelligence-driven Nociception Monitor During Elective Noncardiac Surgery

    Albert Dahan, M.D.,Ph.D., Fleur Meijer, M.D., Tessa Roor, M.D., Samantha Toet, M.D., Paul Calis, M.D., Martijn Boon, M.D.,Ph.D., Christian Martini, M.D.,Ph.D., Monique van Velzen, Ph.D., Marieke Niesters, M.D.,Ph.D.
    ASA, Virtual (USA), October 2020

  • Impact de l'analgésie peropératoire guidée par le niveau de nociception sur la consommation d'opioïdes intra et postopératoire en chirurgie gynécologique par laparoscopie sous anesthésie générale

    M. Idrissi, F. Espitalier, M-È Bélanger, V. Brulotte, V. Zaphiratos, C. Loubert, A. Fortier, L-P. Fortier, N. Godin, O. Verdonck, P. Richebé
    SFAR, Paris, September 2020

  • Cost-benefit of personalizing intraoperative pain management

    Saunders R., Weissbrod R.
    ISPOR Virtual Conference, May 2020

  • Performance assessment of the NOL Index during general anesthesia

    Shingo Ito, Hiroyuki Seki, Yoshihiko Deguchi, Junko Nakayama, Junko Sannohe, Toshiya Koitabashi
    ASA, Orlando, FL, USA, October 2019

  • Quel monitorage de la balance nociception-antinociception peut-on utilizer en OFA (Opioid Free Anesthesia)?

    Lewandowski M., Charier D., Meffre S., Zantour D., Toscano R., Bertheaux C., Molliex S.
    SFAR, Paris, September 2019

  • Balance nociception-antinociception sous anesthésie générale: quel paramètre d'évaluation?

    Meffre S., Charier D., Lewandowski M., Zantour D., Toscano R., Bertheaux C., Molliex S.
    SFAR, Paris, September 2019

  • NOL index shows high sensitivity to detect nociception induced by intubation under different remifentanil dosages

    Richebé P., McDevitt J., Boselli E., Sbeghen V., Topouzian G.S., Zaphirato V., Fortier L.P., Verdonck O.
    CAS, Calgary, June 2019

  • Can NOL index calibration help to individualize remifentanil TCI before skin incision?

    Max Bisdorff, Laurent Perrin, Ionut Tabolcea, Edgard Engelman, Luc Barvais
    ESA, Vienna, June 2019

  • ED50 and ED95 of remifentanil for tracheal intubation as determined by a monitor of nociception (NOL index)

    McDevitt J., Boselli E., Sbeghen V., Topouzian G. S., Verdonck O., Richebé P.
    ESA, Vienna, June 2019

  • Anesthesia’s ultimate challenge: monitor intraoperative analgesia

    Marta Vidal Seoane, Marta Pérez-De-Lis-Novo, C. Bonome González
    ESA, Vienna, June 2019

  • Exploration of the Nociception Level (NOL) Index for Pain Assessment during Endotracheal Suctioning in Mechanically Ventilated Patients in the Intensive Care Unit

    Shiva Shahiri, Melissa Richard-Lalonde, Philippe Richebé, Céline Gélinas
    CPS, Toronto, Canada, April 2019

  • Nociception Level (NOL)-guided Analgesia: Influence on Opioid Consumption and Hypotensive Events During Propofol/Remifentanil Anesthesia

    Albert Dahan. Fleur S. Meijer, Suzanne Broens, Monique van Velzen, Christian Martini.
    Awarded as “10 Best of Abstracts: Clinical Science”.
    ASA, San Francisco, USA, October 2018

  • Combined Intraoperative Anesthesia & Analgesia Monitoring Impact on Safety & Recovery: CINAAMON Interim Analysis

    Etienne Renaud-Roy, Philippe Richebé, Olivier Verdonck, Manon Choinière, Véronique Brulotte, Louis-Philippe Fortier.
    ASA, San Francisco, USA, October 2018
    CAS Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 2018

  • Impact of Intravenous Phenylephrine Bolus on Intraoperative NOL Index Values

    Philippe G.M. Richebe, Véronique Brulotte, Marie-Andree Coulombe, Etienne Renaud-Roy, Omar Elsemin, Manon Choiniere, Pierre Drolet, Louis-Philippe Fortier, Olivier Verdonck.
    ASA, San Francisco, USA, October 2018

  • Performance Assessment of the PMD-200 in Subjects Requiring Surgery Under General Anesthesia

    Virginia Horne, Borzoo Farhang, Alexander Friend, Max Breidstein.
    ASA, San Francisco, USA, October 2018

  • Nol Index Response After Laryngoscopy Performed with Macintosh Blade Versus Glidescope Videolaryngoscope

    Virginie Sbeghen, Jason McDevitt, Olivier Verdonck, Valerie Zaphiratos, Veronique Brulotte, Christian Loubert, Pierre A. Drolet, Louis-Philippe Fortier, Marie-Claude Guertin, Philippe Richebé.
    ASA, San Francisco, USA, October 2018
    2018 CAS Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 2018

  • Douleur Périopératoire et Délirium. Monitorage de La Nociception: Un nouveau paradigme multiparamétrique (NOL)

    Dr Pierre-André Stöckle.
    NOL technology symposia during SFAR, Paris, France, September 2018

  • Intraoperative nociception monitoring and postoperative recovery after knee arthroplasty

    Patricia Lavand’homme, Emmanuel Thienpont.
    IASP, Boston, USA, September 2018

  • Detection of Pain under General Anesthesia: Performance Assessment of the PMD-200

    Virginia Horne, Alex Friend, Max Breidstein, Borzoo Farhang.
    12th Annual New England Anesthesia Residents Conference (NEARC), Boston, Ma, USA, May 2018

  • O noua tehnica non-invaziva pentru monitorizarea durerii si optimizarea analgeziei intraoperatorii: indexul NOL

    Serban Bubenek, Ruth Edry.
    NOL technology symposia during SRATI congress, Sinaia, Romania, May 2018

  • Nociceptive monitoring during surgery during Mini-symposium: “Monitoring is our future”

    Albert Dahan.
    Leiden, The Netherlands, March, 2018

  • Missing a Piece? NOL™ (Nociception Level) Technology: Intraoperative Pain Monitoring for Optimizing Analgesia

    Ruth Edry, Daniel I. Sessler.
    ICISA 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel, Nov. 2017

  • Tailoring analgesia to patients’ needs. The Nociception Level Index (NOL)

    Albert Dahan.
    3rd Symposium on Anesthesia, Organized by Hospital Da Luz, Lisbon, Portugal, Sept. 2017

  • Comment j’individualise l’analgésie péeriopératoire

    Philippe G. Richebe.
    SFAR Congress, Paris, France, Sept. 2017

  • Impact of different remifentanil doses on the nociception level index response to intra-operative noxious stimuli

    Etienne Renaud-Roy, Pierre-André Stöckle, Olivier Verdonck, Louis-Philippe Fortier, Philippe Richebé.
    CAS, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada, June 2017 (pages 6-7, abstract no. 274885)
    Euroanaesthesia, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2017 (abstract no. 01AP09-6)

  • NOL Index performance in patients with beta-blockers

    Ruth Edry, Vasile Recea, Yuri Dikust.
    Euroanaesthesia, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2017 (abstract no. 08AP05-12)

  • Physiologic Indicators for the assessment of acute pain: Recent evidence and new trends

    Céline Gélinas.
    Canadian Pain Society, May 2017 (p. A36-A37)

  • Developing a Monitor Process Perspective

    Dr. Ruth Edry – oral presentation at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Israeli Society of Anesthesiology, December 2016

  • Exploring the use of an innovative technology for pain assessment during mediastinal tube removal in cardiac surgery patients in the intensive care unit: The Nociception Level (NOL) Index

    Céline Gélinas, Philippe G. Richebé.
    ESICM, Milan, Oct. 2016

  • Quantified Analgesic Effect of Intraoperative 50% N2O Inhalation by the NOL and ANI Nociception Indices

    Philippe G. Richebe, Elizabeth Decary, Rami Issa, Sarah Maximos, Louis-Philippe Fortier, Olivier Verdonck.
    ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists), Chicago, IL, USA, 2016

  • Nociception Level (NOL) index alteration after standardized nociceptive stimulus decreases with higher doses of remifentanil

    Marco Julien, Elizabeth Décary, Rami Issa, Olivier Verdonck, Louis-Philippe Fortier, Philippe Richebé.
    Euronaesthesia – ESA (European Society of Anaesthesiology). London, UK, 2016

  • Ability of the Nociception Level to Detect Noxious Stimuli During Propofol-Remifentanil Anesthesia

    Chris Martini, Martijn Boon, Albert Dahan.
    ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists), San Diego, USA, Oct. 2015

  • The Nociception Level (NoL) in Patients Undergoing Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) With and Without Thoracic Epidural Analgesia

    Laurent Bollag, Srdjan Jelacic, Cynthia Wu, Philippe Richebé.
    EFIC Pain Congress, Vienna, Austria, Sept. 2015

  • Validation of a new index for nociception monitoring - NoL™ - during surgery and anesthesia

    Ruth Edry, Vasile Recea, Yuri Dikust, Daniel I. Sessler.
    Euroanaesthesia – ESA (European Society of Anaesthesiology), Germany, June 2015 (abstract no. 1AP12-6)

  • Objective assessment of spinal cord stimulation effectiveness on chronic radicular pain

    Nir Ben-Israel, Yariv Amos, Noam Racheli, Mark Kliger, Galit Zuckerman, Roi Treister, Elon Eisenberg.
    IASP (International Association for the Study of Pain Annual Meeting), Argentina, Oct. 2014

  • Objective measurement of pain levels in patients with radicular pain treated by spinal cord stimulation

    Nir Ben-Israel, Yariv Amos, Mark Kliger, Galit Zuckerman, Erica Suzan, Elon Eisenberg.
    AAPM (American Academy of Pain Medicine Annual Meeting), AZ, USA, Mar. 2014

  • Detection of noxious stimuli during general anesthesia using the NOL index for nociception level

    Edry Ruth, Kliger Mark, Zuckerman Galit, Racheli Noam, Katz Yeshayahu, Ben-Israel Nir.
    Euroanaesthesia – ESA (European Society of Anaesthesiology), Barcelona, Spain, June 2013

  • Non-linear Multi-Parameter Approach for Evaluation of Nociception Level During General Anesthesia

    Ben-Israel Nir, Zuckerman Galit, Kliger Mark, Katz Yeshayahu, Edry Ruth.
    STA (Society for Technology in Anesthesia), Phoenix, AZ, Jan. 2013
    ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists), Washington DC, Oct. 2012

  • A combination of multiple autonomic parameters, rather than each parameter alone, yields significant differentiation between heat pain intensities

    Roi Treister, Mark Kliger, Galit Zuckerman, Itay Goor Aryeh, Elon Eisenberg.
    EFIC Pain Conference, Germany, 2011

  • Toward automatic pain monitoring: Method for classification of pain level based on statistical processing of multiple non-invasive physiological measures

    Roi Treister, Mark Kliger, Galit Zuckerman, Itay Goor Aryeh, Elon Eisenberg.
    IPA Conference, Israel, 2010

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