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NOL monitoring impacting global clinical practice

NOL in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Guiding Opioid Administration by 3 Different Analgesia Nociception Monitoring Indices During General Anesthesia Alters Intraoperative Sufentanil Consumption and Stress Hormone Release

Sandra Funcke, Hans Pinnschmidt, Stefan Wesseler, Charlotte Brinkmann, Burkhard Beyer, Virginija Jazbutyte, Christoph Behem, Constantin Trepte, Rainer Nitzschke

Correlation between incremental remifentanil doses and the Nociception Level (NOL) index response after intraoperative noxious stimuli

Etienne Renaud-Roy, Pierre-André Stöckle, Sarah Maximos, Véronique Brulotte, Lucas Sideris, MD, Pierre Dubé, Pierre Drolet, MD, Issam Tanoubi, Rami Issa, Olivier Verdonck, Louis-Philippe Fortier, Philippe Richebe

The nociception level index (NOL) response to intubation and incision in patients undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) with and without thoracic epidural analgesia. A pilot study

Laurent Bollag, Srdjan Jelacic, Carlos Delgado Upegui, Cynthia Wu, Philippe Richebe.

Validation of the PMD100 and its NOL Index to detect nociception at different infusion regimen of remifentanil in patients under general anaesthesia

Pierre-André Stöckle, Marco Julien, Rami Issa, Elizabeth Décary, Véronique Brulotte, Pierre Drolet, Margaret Henri, Madeleine Poirier, Jean-François Latulippe, Marc Dorais, Olivier Verdonck, Louis-Philippe Fortier, Philippe Richebé

Monitoring the Nociception Level Intraoperatively – An Initial Experiences

Pether Jildenstål, Katarina Hallén, Katarina Almskog, Johan Sand and Margareta Warren Stomberg

Ability of the Nociception Level (NOL), a multiparameter composite of autonomic signals, to detect noxious stimuli during propofol-remifentanil anesthesia

Chris H. Martini, Martijn Boon, Suzanne J. L. Broens, Evelien F. Hekkelman, Lisanne A. Oudhoff, Anna Willemijn Buddeke, Albert Dahan

Differentiating between heat pain intensities: the combined effect of multiple autonomic parameters

Treister Roi, Kliger Mark, Zuckerman Galit, Itay Goor Aryeh, Eisenberg Elon

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