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NOL monitoring impacting global clinical practice

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Predicting personalised remifentanil effect site concentration for surgical incision using the nociception level index: A prospective calibration and validation study.

Perrin, L., Bisdorff, M., Saxena, S., Tabolcea, I., Huybrechts, I., Van Obbergh, L., Engelman, E., Barvais, L., Coeckelenbergh, S.

The opioid-sparing effect of nociception level (NOL) index monitoring for adult patients undergoing surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Bo Jiao B, Chen M, Wang W, Chen C.

Multiparametric Monitoring of Hypnosis and Nociception-Antinociception Balance during General Anesthesia—A New Era in Patient Safety Standards and Healthcare Management

Rogobete AF, Bedreag OH, Papurica M, Popovici SE, Bratu LM, Rata A, Barsac CR, Maghiar A, Garofil DN, Negrea M, Petcu LB, Toma D, Dumbuleu CM, Rimawi S, Sandesc D.

Nociception Level Index-Directed Erector Spinae Plane Block in Open Heart Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Balan C, Tomescu DR, Valeanu L, Morosanu B, Stanculea I, Coman A, Stoian A, Bubenek-Turconi SI.

Identification Prediction of acute postoperative pain based on intraoperative nociception level (NOL) index values: the impact of machine learning‑based analysis

Morisson, L., Nadeau-Vallée, M., Espitalier, F. Laferrière-Langlois, P., Idrissi, M., Lahrichi, N., Gélinas, C., Verdonck, O., & Richebé P.

Identification of the intraoperative antinociceptive effect of intravenous fentanyl using the Nociception Level (NOL) index versus clinical parameters in patients undergoing gynecological laparoscopic surgery: A secondary analysis of the NOLGYN study

Ghiyasinasab, M., Morisson, L., Laferrière-Langlois, P., Geraldo-Demers, M. A., Gélinas, C., NadeauVallée, M., Verdonck, O., Lahrichi, N., & Richebé, P.

Effect of combined intraoperative use of the Nociception Level (NOL) and bispectral (BIS) indexes on desflurane administration

Renaud-Roy, E., Morisson, L., Brulotte, V., Idrissi, M., Godin, N., Fortier, L. P., Verdonck, O., Choinière, M., & Richebé, P.

Exploration of a Multi-Parameter Technology for Pain Assessment in Postoperative Patients After Cardiac Surgery in the Intensive Care Unit: The Nociception Level Index (NOL)TM

Gélinas C, Shahiri T S, Richard-Lalonde M, Laporta D, Morin JF, Boitor M, Ferland CE, Bourgault P, Richebé P.

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