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Reduced postoperative pain in patients receiving nociception monitor guided analgesia during elective major abdominal surgery: a randomized, controlled trial

Fuica R, Krocheck C, Weissbrod R, Greenman D, Freundlich A, Gozal Y.

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Effect of dexmedetomidine on Nociception Level Index-guided remifentanil antinociception: A randomised controlled trial

Coeckelenbergh, S., Doria, S., Patricio, D., Perrin, L., Engelman, E., Rodriguez, A., Di Marco, L., Van Obbergh, L., Estebe, J., Barvais, L., Kapessidou, P.

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Reduced postoperative pain using Nociception Level-guided fentanyl dosing during sevoflurane anaesthesia: a randomised controlled trial

Meijer, F., Honing, M., Roor, T., Toet, S., Calis, P., Olofsen, E., Martini, C., van Velzen, M., Aarts, L., Niesters, M., Boon, M., Dahan, A.

Nociception level index-guided antinociception versus routine care during remifentanil-propofol anaesthesia for moderate-to-high risk cardiovascular surgery: A randomized trial

Coeckelenbergh, S., Sessler, D. I., Doria, S., Patricio, D., Jaubert, L., Huybrechts, I., Stefanidis, C., Kapessidou, P., Tuna, T., Engelman, E., Barvais, L., Perrin, L.

Influence of Intraoperative Nociception during Hip or Knee Arthroplasty with Supplementary Regional Anaesthesia on Postoperative Pain and Opioid Consumption

Neumann C, Gehlen L, Weinhold L, Straßberger-Nerschbach N, Soehle M, Kornilov E, Thudium M.

Generalizability of nociception level as a measure of intraoperative nociceptive stimulation: A retrospective analysis

Ruetzler, K, Montalvo, M, Rotem, OM, Ekrami, E. Rossler, J., Andres, J. Duran, A., Dahan, A. Gozal, Y., Richebe, P., Farhang, B., Turan, A. Sessler, D.I.

Nociception Control of Bilateral Single-Shot Erector Spinae Plane Block Compared to No Block in Open Heart Surgery—A Post Hoc Analysis of the NESP Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Balan C, Tomescu DR, Bubenek-Turconi SI.

Evaluation of the nociception level index in the pediatric population: An observational feasibility study

Klein Tank, C., Himantono, N., van Uitert, A., & Malagon, I.

Nociception Level Index–Guided Intraoperative Analgesia for Improved Postoperative Recovery: A Randomized Trial.

Ruetzler, K, Montalvo, M, Bakal, O, Essber, H, Rössler, J, Mascha, E, Han, Y, Ramachandran, M, Keebler, A, Turan, A, Sessler, D.

Validation of three nociception indices to predict immediate postoperative pain before emergence from general anaesthesia: a prospective double-blind, observational study

Koschmieder K. C., Funcke S., Shadloo M., Pinnschmidt H. O., Greiwe G., Fischer M., & Nitzschke R.

Intraoperative use of the machine learning-derived nociception level monitor results in less pain in the first 90 min after surgery

van der Wal I, Meijer F, Fuica R, Silman Z, Boon M, Martini C, van Velzen M, Dahan A, Niesters M and Gozal Y

Predicting personalised remifentanil effect site concentration for surgical incision using the nociception level index: A prospective calibration and validation study.

Perrin, L., Bisdorff, M., Saxena, S., Tabolcea, I., Huybrechts, I., Van Obbergh, L., Engelman, E., Barvais, L., Coeckelenbergh, S.

The opioid-sparing effect of nociception level (NOL) index monitoring for adult patients undergoing surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Bo Jiao B, Chen M, Wang W, Chen C.

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