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Pain Monitoring Technology (NOL) is Shown to Reduce Postoperative Pain and Health Costs

A new study from Leiden University in the Netherlands has found that monitoring pain response levels during surgery with Medasense’s NOL® technology can help reduce postoperative pain. Extrapolating the results of this study, an economic analysis has shown that by facilitating reduced postoperative pain, using NOL technology can potentially reduce healthcare costs as well.

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Exploring the potential use of NOL monitoring to help enhance recovery after surgery, the Leiden University Medical Center study demonstrated that patient pain scores after surgery were 33% lower when administration of pain medication during surgery was guided with NOL monitoring. Following publication of these results in the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA), Coreva Scientific conducted an economic analysis that found that these positive outcomes could enable 22% reduction in healthcare costs associated with acute postoperative pain treatments, pain-related readmissions and emergency room visits. The economic analysis also found that less postoperative pain following NOL-guided procedures could result in 6% reduction in expected number of patients receiving postoperative opioid prescriptions.

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