Webinar: New Aspects of Analgesia Management with NOL Monitoring

Prof. Albert Dahan on Reducing Postoperative Pain Scores with NOL

Prof. Zeev Goldik on the Clinical Value of Monitoring Pain and Optimizing Analgesia (Hebrew)

Dr. Sean Coeckelenbergh on Predicting the Optimal Antinociception

Prof. Frank Overdyk on the Missing Link in Perioperative Pain Challenges

Dr. Doreen Wiedemann on Regional Anaesthesia with NOL Monitoring

Dr. Thomas Kyriss on Nociception Monitoring from the Surgeon's Perspective

Prof. Dan Longrois on NOL Monitoring and Titration of Anaesthetic Drugs

Prof. Stefan Schraag on NOL Monitoring in Thoracic Anaesthesia

Prof. Philippe Richebé on NOL-Guided Analgesia in Daily Practice

Prof. Daniel Sessler on the Importance of Nociception Monitoring During General Anaesthesia

Prof. Albert Dahan on the Influence of NOL-Guided Analgesia on Anesthesia Outcomes