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Vizient – Innovative Technology Exchange 2024

September 18

Learn about NOL™ Monitoring for Intraoperative Pain Management.

In the U.S., the opioid epidemic is a major patient safety concern and hospitals are charged with identifying solutions to reduce the risk of both opioid overdose and underdose during the perioperative period.

Studies demonstrate high inter-patient variability in the response to opioids – up to thirty-fold due to pharmacogenomics and specific patient characteristics.

At the Vizient – Innovative Technology Exchange 2024 you can learn about the PMD-200 monitor with NOL technology – a dedicated monitor that anesthesia providers can use to personalize analgesia dosing to the patient’s actual requirements.

The PMD-200 is the first and only monitor to be FDA-authorized for monitoring pain in anesthetized patients!

NOL helps clinicians provide safer anesthesia by reducing the likelihood of both excessive opioid dosing that has been shown to lead to hypotension, delayed extubation, respiratory depression and somnolence in the PACU and underdosing during surgery which can lead to surgical stress, high PACU pain scores and high PACU analgesia requirements impairing recovery from surgery. These benefits are particularly important in at-risk patient populations including elderly and frail, obese patients, opioid tolerant and chronic pain patients. In these patient groups, the benefits of a personalized monitor are particularly high as dosing opioids in these patients is challenging and the risk of adverse events is higher.

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