About Medasense

Helping clinicians achieve personalized and optimized pain management

Our Mission

Medasense is spearheading pain management to achieve optimized and personalized care with improved outcomes. While pain is a major clinical, social and economic problem, affecting quality of life for hundreds of millions of people globally, measurement of pain has remained subjective. Consequently, pain care is not tailored to patients’ specific needs, opioid addiction has become an epidemic, and the direct costs of pain-related healthcare are soaring.

Addressing this problem, Medasense offers tools that help physicians and care providers optimize and personalize pain treatment, focusing first on surgical and critical care settings where patients are unable to communicate.

Latest News

Medasense Founder and CEO Galit Zuckerman-Stark has been named one of 13 finalists for the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020.


NOL WEBINAR: Join leading experts in the field as they reveal the latest clinical evidence, insights and emerging applications!


Study validates NOL technology for assessment of pain in mechanically ventilated patients.


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