About Medasense

Spearheading pain management for improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs

While pain is a major clinical, social and economic problem, affecting quality of life for hundreds of millions of people globally, measurement of pain has remained subjective. Consequently, pain care is not tailored to patients’ specific needs, opioid addiction has become an epidemic, and the direct costs of pain-related healthcare are soaring.

Addressing this problem, Medasense’s NOL® technology is enabling clinicians to personalize pain management, optimize treatment and avoid overmedication with an innovative noninvasive sensor platform and AI technology.

Clear Strategic Path

Medasense’s technology and development strategy address pain management in diverse settings – a $20B market.

A Vision - A Reality

“My vision to help relieve suffering in any care setting is coming to life.”
– Galit Zuckerman-Stark, Founder and CEO

Utilized Worldwide

NOL technology is distributed across Europe by Medtronic, and by other leading partners around the world.

Addressing a global challenge

Latest News

New study reveals promising findings regarding the ability of Medasense’s NOL monitor to detect pain response levels in ICU patients.


New study shows that effective opioid-sparing anaesthesia with dexmedetomidine can be guided with NOL pain monitoring technology.


Press release: Monitoring pain response levels during surgery with NOL technology can help reduce postoperative pain as well as healthcare costs.


Global Distribution Network

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