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NOL monitoring impacting global clinical practice

Case Reports

NOL in ENT Surgery Reveals Higher Noxious Levels in Prep Stage

Case Report: NOL-Guided Parathyroidectomy with NIM Tube Improves Anaglesia Protocols

NOL Monitoring for Mechanically Ventilated COVID-19 Patients(1)

Case Reports - COVID-19 Mechanically Ventilated Patients and NOL Monitoring

NOL Monitoring for Mechanically Ventilated COVID-19 Patients(2)

Case Reports - COVID-19 and NOL Monitoring

Identifying Regional Nerve Block Effectiveness with NOL

Case Report - Hospital del Mar

NOL in Orthopedic Surgery

Case Report Bremen-Achim - NOL in Hip and Knee TEP

NOL in Robotic-Assisted Surgery

NOL Monitoring Case Report Vermont Medical Center

NOL in VATS Lobectomy

NOLMonitoring Case Report VATS Lobectomy

Pamela Ford’s Story - NOL in High-Risk Anaesthesia

Medasense NOL Monitoring Hip ReplacementCase Report

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