Pain Casts A Shadow
On Everyday Life
for Hundreds of Millions of People Worldwide
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AI Technology
Quantifies Pain to Personalize Treatment
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Visualizing Pain
for Confident Pain Management
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Treating Pain is at the Heart of Medicine

Pain is a major clinical, social and economic problem, affecting quality of life for hundreds of millions of people globally and with annual costs exceeding $1T.1,2 Medasense is transforming the way pain is being assessed and treated worldwide.

Through our breakthrough NOL® AI technology and sensor platform, we quantify pain response to optimize care and avoid overmedication. Medasense’s flagship product, PMD-200™, is used in critical care settings, to visualize pain response and personalize treatment. Our pipeline products apply Medasense’s AI capabilities to lead pain prediction, stratification and prevention strategies.

Industry Collaborations and Commercial Partners

Eliminate guesswork and meet clinical challenges in assessing pain and improving analgesia.

Clinical Evidence

Clinical studies have demonstrated the impact that NOL monitoring has on patient safety,3 outcomes and savings,4 including 33% reduction in reported postoperative pain.5

Medasense Academy

Welcome to our online and customized education and training program for clinicians and commercial partners.

Latest News

Now in the U.S! Medasense is gearing up to introduce NOL at U.S. 2023 conferences


The Israel Tech & Innovation Media site NoCamels publishes article about NOL


The chronic pain news service, Pain News Network, featured an interview given by Medasense CEO Galit Zuckerman Stark


Global Distribution Network

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Medasense - Our Vision: Transforming the way pain is being assessed and treated worldwide

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Meeting the challenge of intraoperative pain monitoring

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Leading clinicians on the importance of monitoring the patient’s pain response level

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Experience NOL monitoring with the NOL Simulation Hub

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